Lost Burdens

The Story So Far . . .

Our story begins with the stalwart apprentices of Douven Staul setting out to find their mentor, missing now for many weeks (H1 Keep on the Shadowfell). Douven a rabid explorer of old ruins, had found a map that revealed the location of a dragon’s tomb not far from Winterhaven, a small village to the North, and headed there in search of the dragon’s hoard.

The apprentices Kavatoo, Racho, and Cali made good progress reaching Winterhaven. Having avoided a near certain death at the hands of some filthy Kobalds who had laid in ambush, by the timely arrival of the new apprentice Frackatus.

Frackatus had been turned away from taking part in the rescue mission by the other apprentices, who felt he hadn’t been apart of the Saddler’s Guild long enough to be counted on.

Reaching Winterhaven by way of the King’s Road, having survived the Kobald ambush, the group of adventures met several important figures of the town who provided clues to the whereabouts of Douven. However, as a result of their funds running short, and still smarting from the ambush, the adventures agreed to a commission from Lord Padraig to seek out and eliminate the menacing Kobalds.

The adventures struck out East of Winterhaven with a map provided by Lord Padraig in search of the Kobald’s lair. Having met and then dispatched several Kobalds below a waterfall, which one of them retreated into, not to been seen again. The adventures are searching about retrieving any loot that they can find.


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